Google Map ASP.NET wrbform

Vår .NET GoogleMapControl control har komplett API dokumentation.

The .NET GoogleMapControl control comes with full API documentation for your reference and ease of use. GMC also support intelligent code completion is a convenient way to access descriptions of functions, particularly their parameter lists. It speeds up software development by reducing the amount of name memorization needed and keyboard input required. It also allows for less reference to external documentation as interactive documentation on many symbols (i.e. variables and functions) in the active scope appears dynamically in the form of tooltips while programming.

Intelligent code completion works using an automatically generated in-memory database of classes, variable names, and other constructs that the application being edited defines or references.

The feature also lets the user select from a number of overloaded functions in languages that support object oriented programming.
IntelliSense also displays a short description of a function in the pop-up window—depending on the amount of documentation in the function’s source code. -Happy coding from the GMC team

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