setPOS, a Barcode/GPS asset-management tool for enterprises

setPOSv3 is a platform designed for GPS tracking of trailers, cargo, containers, rental equipment and other mobile assets. Do you have the need to track the location for assets that move infrequently and/or may not have their own source of power?

The setPOS application for smartphones provides a cost effective solution for automatic identification of your physical assets and set their current location with extra information added like device type, ID-status and ‘best before date’. Just scan your assets ID using the built in barcode scanner or enter the ID manually.

Where was that container or inspection performed? Where was that container last located? With ID’s on your assets, you can use your phone with GPS capabilities to report ID, GPS, time, who, when and you can see exactly where container last was handled. Do you have the need to continuously replace empty containers or tanks or replace full containers with empty ones at your customers sites? Just add an account for the customer and it will be possible to not only use the best before date but they can manually set a status that tells you it’s ready for replacement / pick-up.

All data collected by the setPOS system can be used freely by the enduser. Combine setPOS data with your
own inhouse data to gain enterprise insights from the whole system. We can help you with BI / BA in systems like SAP/Microsoft Dynamic AX or similar corporate system