end of train device

Train brake release indicator, reduce the wear on train wheels.

Wear on the train wheels, tough schedules often results in the driver starts driving the train before all brakes are completely disengaged.
This can result in unnecessary wear on train wheels. GPSlogik Multi + Tracker is a versatile two-way device for telemetry and GPS tracking. Operator support
With the End-of-Train Device, ETD, the operator monitors the air pressure in the main air line on the last car, in his / her train.
EDT uses a battery-powered pressure sensor, PLC and GPS / GPRS modem to transmit the train brake air pressure in real time to the driver, who monitors the pressure using an Internet-connected computer, tablet or mobile phone.
The unit reports the I / O status and GPS positions making it possible to monitor and follow the train’s position and status online using Google Map in real time or as table data using our API.
Multi + Tracker is the industry’s most advanced dual mode GPS device and contains a 7800 mAH rechargeable lithium battery in a compact IP67 waterproof housing.
Multi + Tracker can function as a small independent unit with a battery life of up to 5 years or up to 5000 GPS positions along with analog / digital I / O states on one charge the internal battery.