Skydd av fältplacerade tillgångar

Optional Dual mode operation, when using rechargeable batteries tethered to external power.

So advanced, it can operate for up to 5 years on two standard off the shelf  C size lithium batteries, simplifying service & reducing maintenance cost.


Small size 5.2” x 3.2” x 1.35” (132mm x 82mm x 34mm) designed to fit between the container ribs
GSM/GPRS modem, batteries, GPS & Cellular antennas vibration sensor all integrated in one IP 67 water proof anti inflammatory enclosure
Extremely low power consumption achieved by innovative battery management to preserve battery life
Theft protection, automatically wakes up and sends alarm on vibration detection
USB port for firmware download and configuration
Optional one IO event that can wake up the unit and send an alarm
USB port powers the unit during configuration
Batteries are charged via standard USB port or external power
Settings changed via SMS
Sends battery level with every GPS data transmission
Integrated internal analog temperature sensor sends unit temperature with every GPS data transmission Over the Air (OTA) diagnostics
High accuracy achieved with Integrated 66 satellite channel GPS technology
Highly compressed UDP or TCP/IP data communication
Store and forward – the unit can store up to 5000 events when out of cellular coverage then send them automatically when back in cellular coverage
Asset tracking mode – The unit sends the GPS location every X hours (usually once a day) when the asset is in stop position. When vibration is detected the unit wakes up automatically and sends an alarm and switches to motion mode sending GPS every Y minutes
Dual mode operation – When rechargeable batteries are used and the unit is tethered to external power the unit can be programmed to function as a regular vehicle tracking unit sending GPS every X minutes. When the external power is disconnected the unit will automatically switch to “asset tracking mode” 

Power source options:
Two off the shelf C size lithium batteries 3.7 VDC each can transmit around 2500 GPS positions
Two standard off the shelf Alkaline C size batteries 1.5VDC can transmit around 1200 GPS positions
Two rechargeable C size off-the-shelf NIMH 1.2VDC batteries, tethered to external 6VDC – 32VDC power. The rechargeable batteries can be charged via standard USB port and/or tethered to external power When fully charged the unit can transmit around 1200 GPS positions