GPSlogik AB launches setPOS – a mobile tracking innovation

Skövde Sweden, Jan. 18, 2014 − GPSlogik AB, a european leader of tracking solutions for logistics and manufacturing, has launched a new type of monitoring device and service management for international logistics flows. Unique advantages of the invention are its cost-efficiency.

GPSlogik AB launches setPOS – a mobile tracking innovation that challenges traditional GPS and barcode logistics solutions 


A unique and simple solution for tracking critical shipments and traveling assets, setPOS system enables companies to build a global tracking network

the setPOS systems are setup very quickly and without the need for infrastructure investment. The setPOS system tracks shipments all day, worldwide, informing the users about shipment position and status. The online XTRAKK tracker Portal shows tracking history and current location of shipments enabling full tracking and tracing capability. Companies are using setPOS tracker system provide actual route data on their customer deliveries, gain visibility to their expensive or express shipments, as well as, project deliveries – helping to better plan their resources.

“Our Target is to have 100% on-time delivery of our products to customers around the world. We have been looking for a solution that would enable us to create an independent real-time tracking system for quite some time,” says Peter bergström,  purchasing manager at DRAKA cable, prymiangroup. “Only now, with GPSlogiks setPOS system  we are able to fulfill this need. It is an innovative solution that is both fast to setup and very cost efficient. 

In addition, companies can also benefit by using setPOS tracking data to analyze their logistics processes – verifying or learning about the actual route points of the logistics process and defining the bottlenecks and problems.

ThesetPOS system is a very clever technology and incredibly useful for what I do. Not needing a fixed infrastructure is a real plus 

Global Coverage

setPOS gps-tracking platform is the first available solution that utilizes the global mobile network for tracking shipments making it more cost efficient than GPS-based solutions. In addition, setPOS systems alllow you to locate your objects  wherever the GSM network works, so also in buildings and inside of containers or vehicles.