GPS tracking solutions and GPS vehicle tracking systems.

GPS tracking solutions and GPS vehicle tracking systems

What can GPS tracking solutions do for your business?

Managing a dynamic network of mobile resources, whether cars, lorries, plant machinery or people, poses a range of technical and logistical challenges. Managed badly, these networks can seriously affect your profit margins.

With Vine Communications web-based tracking solutions, business both large and small can improve employee productivity whilst reducing the fuel and maintenance costs involved in operating mobile assets. Vine’s tracking solution allows employers to view the exact location, direction and speed of their employee vehicles in real-time.

In the past, GPS tracking systems may have been mainly used by businesses with large mobile fleets, but affordability and portability of modern solutions means that even small and medium-sized businesses who regularly make delivery or service calls can see massive cost benefits. Florists, fast-food delivery companies, plumbers or electricians – any company with mobile assets from one vehicle to many hundreds stands to benefit.

Vehicle Immobilisation:

  • With GPSLogik AB gps tracking solutions, immobilisation is a standard feature
  • Most of the companies we compete against will charge extra for this facility
  • The vehicle can be re-instated, remotely, within 2 minutes of activation through our software

Improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet:

  • Validating delivery times
  • More efficient routing of vehicles
  • Monitoring engine idling and speeding

Improve customer service and client loyalty:

  • Enhancing efficiency of delivery
  • Ensuring deliveries stay on schedule
  • Keeping customers well-informed

Increase employee productivity:

  • Managing employee hours
  • Better budgeting of time and resources
  • Improving employee motivation

Protect your business against:

  • Employee fraud
  • False driving accusations and unjustified customer complaints
  • Misuse of company vehicles
  • Personal use of company vehicles and equipment

Traffic jams, complicated routes, speeding, unnecessary mileage and workforce inefficiency can all harm the profit margins of your business. But with GPS tracking solutions from GPSLogik AB, you can tackle them head on and develop a sleeker, more effective operation. And when you count up the cost savings improved workforce and fleet efficiency and customer service will bring to your business, you’ll be convinced that GPSlogik AB is the only solution.