• Will AAGPS 3G work anywhere?

    The AAGPS 3G is dependent upon 2 technologies – GPS and cell phone (GSM). Anywhere you can receive both a GPS signal and have cell phone reception, the device will work.

    Does the device work the same in all locations?

    No.  The device works best in suburban areas such as neighborhoods, houses, schools, parks, and flatter regions.  It can receive a GPS signal better in those areas because it has less obstruction to the GPS signal.  The device will work on a limited basis in cities where there are many high rise buildings because the buildings decrease the access to the GPS signal.

    Can I use my land line to receive messages from my GPS device?

    No. Land lines cannot receive emails. The GPS device sends out an alert by sending emails to smart phones or computers. To be mobile and control your GPS device, you must have a smart phone to received the alerts through email, or set the alerts through the App.

    Can anyone track my GPS device?

    No. When you register your AAGPS 3G on our tracking website you will be able to list the 10 trusted individuals that you want to receive email alerts only.  You can change or edit these names at anytime as needed.  If you want them to track your device, they would need your log in and password and initiate the log in through a computer of App.

    Will the AAGPS 3G work with any mobile phone carrier?

    Yes. You do not have to change mobile phone carriers. Amber Alert GPS will work with your current mobile phone provider.   You will, however, need a smart phone (web enabled phone) to use the App. Do I need a special phone to view the maps on my phone?Yes. In order to view the latest location on your phone, you’ll need to log in using the App via a web enabled phone.  To receive the alerts when triggered, you’ll need to receive emails on your phone.

    Will Amber Alert GPS work out of the country?

    The 2 subscription plans that are available through Amber Alert GPS are based on usage in the United States. If you are planning on leaving the country, then you’ll need to call Amber Alert GPS and see what rates apply.   You may need to request a special international roaming plan on your device or upgrade the SIM to a global SIM.  Please keep in mind that different rates apply for different countries.

    Can I use AAGPS to track my luggage?

    YES, however regulations regarding GPS tracking devices vary with the individual airlines. You will need to contact the airline you are traveling with.

    Can I track more than one unit at a time with the same cell phone?

    Yes. You can track as many units as you’d like.How many units can I track from my computer?As long as you are listed as an authorized user for each device, there is no limit to the number of units you can track.

    Can one phone be master of multiple units?

    Yes.What is the accuracy of GPS in AAGPS 3G?Today’s GPS receivers are extremely accurate, thanks to their parallel multi-channel design. Certain atmospheric factors and other sources of error can affect the accuracy of GPS receivers. The Amber Alert GPS 3G is accurate within 15 meters (49 feet) 90% of the time. Generally, users will see accuracy within 5 to 10 meters (16 to 33 feet) when the AAGPS 3G is placed and used outside.

    Can I talk to a live person if I need help?

    Yes, there is a live person Monday-Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MST.

    How often would I have to replace my AAGPS unit?

    You should not have to replace the unit unless it has been broken or damaged or wish to upgrade when a newer unit is available.How do I find my lost or misplaced unit?As long as the battery is not dead, you can simply page the unit by activating the page command.

    Is the unit waterproof?

    The AAGPS 3G is water resistant but not waterproof.

    Are any other languages supported?

    Currently no, but Amber Alert GPS is working on expanding its operations to other countries.   Canada is now an active distributor at  Mexico, Eastern Asia, South American and parts of Europe will be available in 2011.

    Can I turn the AAGPS 3G off?

    The AAGPS 3G does not have an ON/OFF button.  We purposely made the device this way so that it couldn’t be turned off accidentally or by a predator.  However, the manual does include instructions for turning the unit off if needed.Does the AAGPS 3G work outside the United States?

    Yes. The AAGPS 3G does have the potential of working in 80 countries. As of right know it only works in the USA and Canada with no additional out of area charges.

    Do I need internet on my cell phone?

    Yes, if you wish to track or receive alerts on your phone.  This is done through a mobile web based App.  If you are happy using your computer to track, then all functions can be managed through the web portal.

    What if I lose my phone or change the number?

    You can easily update or change your information on our tracking website.  You can also change or edit the authorized users.

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