Google Map .NET software development services
We can provide technical help for your next mapping project!

Professional Services
Do you need to create an application that uses maps, but aren’t sure where to begin? Our project design, development, implementation and training services will help you bring your GIS ideas to market quickly and affordably. If you’re interested in having us work with you to create the perfect mapping solution, let us know your project requirements by submitting the contact form /email us or call our sales department at +46 (0) 500 6000 22

Get on the fast track with a GoogleMap Prototypeproject. We can provide you with the standard ready configured GoogleMap framework to meet your basic mapping requirements. We are so confident in our prototypes, that we offer a complete money-back satisfaction Guarantee!

Contact Our Professional Services Team
If you’d like to hear more about what our professional services team can offer you, feel free to contact us or schedule a discovery meeting where you can tell us a little about your project and how you think we can help.

  • Software development with Google Maps® API
  • Software development with Google Earth ® API, Google Earth ® integrations
  • Develop Web Services (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server)
  • GPS Communication, GPS tracking products and Navigation Systems
  • Integration with external applications
  • Driving directions and proximity searches
  • Route Planning
  • Route Tracking
  • Traffic Information Systems
  • GIS/Mapping Data conversion
  • Geocoding/Reverse Geocoding
  • Integration of location-based services
  • Application Development

    Our professional services team can work with you to architect, design and build your custom GIS application using Map Suite. Our agile development approach keeps you involved and provides frequent updates and iterations for your review.

  • Training

    Learn how to use the GMC map control directly from its creators. Whether you need on-site training or are willing to come to us, we can help you or your development team get up to speed with the GMC map.

  • Rapportering och kontroll

    If your Map Suite product needs a particular custom feature to make your project a reality, our development team can extend or enhance the products features to support your requirements.

  • Performance Review

    Let us help you maximize the performance of your Map Suite projects by reviewing and analyzing your application and recommending performance-boosting techniques that will improve user experience.

  • Architecture Design

    Tell us about your project goals and requirements, and we can work with you to assemble the ideal hardware (servers, hosting, etc.) and software infrastructure to support them.

  • Custom Data Source Integration

    Let us help you bring your spatial data and your Map Suite application together, whether its converting data from an unsupported format or helping you interface an existing data source with GMC Map Suite.

  • Code review

    As the developers of GMC Map Suite, our team is uniquely positioned to review the source code of your Map Suite project and make recommendations for improving efficiency or minimizing code size.

  • Custom Map Data Rendering

    If you have spatial data but need to present it in a visually appealing way, we can design and apply a custom rendering style so that your maps are as captivating as the data they express.

  • Custom Map Data Rendering

    Leveraging the power of the crowdsourced OpenStreetMap global data set, GMC offers custom data extracts and format conversions tailored to your specific needs.