Piccollo Plus – kompakt funktionsrik GPS-sändare och Wifi-router

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Piccollo Plus – kompakt och funktionsrik GPS-sändare och Wifi-router. STX plus ger dig en mycket funktionsrik GPS-sändare som också ger dig möjlighet att använda snabbt 3G trådlöst Internet i och omkring fordonet via dess SIM-kort. Göm GPS trackern någonstans i fordonet och få tillgång till Internet på t.ex. telefoner, surfplattor och bärbara datorer i fordonet.

Du kan alltså köra både GPS-sändaren och trådlöst Internet på ett och samma SIM-kort.
Bättre kan det inte bli, bara hos GPSLogik AB.

Läsning för ingenjörer.

Small size
GPS & Cellular antennas are built in the unit
Easy to install and hide under the dashboard
Power source 6VDC – 32 VDC
Extremely low power consumption
Battery saving mode – auto switch to deep sleep mode when engine is
turned off and auto wake up when switch is turned on or on tilt or vibration .
Security alarm on tilt and / or vibration
Tow and accident detection
Theft protection – OTA starter killer (Over The Air)
Advanced , function rich yet flexibly application with simple user interface
configurable locally via USB or over the air (OTA) with a  user friendly software interface .
OTA Firmware upgradable
OTA diagnostics
Driver behavior  reporting and analysis
Integrated CAN bus , J1939 FMS or J1708
Rechargeable lithium Battery Back Up
Integrated 20 Chanel SIRFIII technology
Event data logger
Driver identification
Built in Geo-fence also  programmable OTA
Highly compressed  UDP or TCP/IP data communication
USB port for firmware download and configuration
When external power disconnected is switching automatically to Asset Tracking Mode
USB port powers the unit during configuration
Up to 6 discrete IO’s, 2 Analog inputs
Panic button
Flame retardant Enclosure
Voice communication via Bluetooth
Easily portable with a cigarette plug
Built in Temperature sensor
Reads multiple external digital temperature sensors
Battery level transmitted with every GPS data
Low battery alarm
Accident detection
Auto switch over to trailer / asset tracking mode when power is disconnected
Sends cell based location in addition to GPS
Stores up to 5000 events and sends them automatically when unit is back in cellular coverage
Communication to notebook via USB
Communication to notebook or PDA via WIFI or Bluetooth
Voice communication to up to 5 preassigned numbers via Bluetooth.
Communication to RFID reader via RS-232